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Multisectoral and National Nutrition Plan


Malnutrition in Côte d’Ivoire and particularly among children and women poses a considerable constraint on the country economic and social development and could jeopardize the vision of the President of the Republic, His Excellency M.  Alassane OUATTARA, that is for « Côte d’Ivoire to become an emerging by 2020 »
Our country is thus confronted to the double burden of malnourishment, marked both by the ongoing under nourishment and the increase of over nourishment. Indeed, malnutrition not only limits human capital development, but represents for the individuals, the community and the state substancial socio-economic costs, because of the diseases management it generates.
The ivorian government, under the high auspices of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Alassane Ouattara, made the fight against malnutrition a national priority. The government recognize that only synergetic and concerted efforts would ensure a real and permanent reduction of this problem in our country.  

By joining the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) global movement, in June 2013 and with the creation of the National Nutrition Committee (NNC) in July 2014, under the Prime Minister’s coordination, the Government is renewing its commitment for a proper nutrition of its population. With the new Nutrition Policy, it aims to “ensure the whole population, an optimal nutritional status in order to improve its well being and support a long lasting and inclusive growth and the development of the country”. These commitments are set out in the 2016-2020 Multisectoral Nutrition Strategic Plan, integral part of the 2016-2020 National Development plan.
This plan, proposes a set of actions and activities with the strategic aims covering several sectors. It is intended to be the baseline of the government action in terms of nutrition to significantly reduce the malnutrition issues by 2020. The proposed actions of this plan are in line with the recommandations of the second International  Conference on Nutrition held in 2014 during which Côte d’Ivoire became one of the final statement signatory
To the extent that malnutrition is a multifactoral and multisectoral issue, it is important that all sectors play their part so that we can achieve objectives of this plan. I therefore invite the heads of the departments in charge, mainly of healthcare, of agriculture, of animal resources, of water and sanitation, of education, of women, of the research, of social care, of the industry and trade to support the implementation of this plan. I also call upon the civil society, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, the scientific community and the development partners to combine their efforts with those of the government so that together we contribute to meet the challenge of an emerging Côte d’Ivoire by 2020 with a good nutrition of our populations.

The Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Finance and Budget

Daniel Kablan Duncan

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