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Implementation of the National and Multisectoral Nutrition Plan: the government is seekin 266 billion cfaf from is partners and private sector


The Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Finance and Budget, Daniel Kablan Duncan presided this Friday September 16, the opening of the round table to mobilize the resources to finance the National and Multisectoral Nutrition Plan 2016- 2020 (NMNP). At an overall cost of 266 billion FCFA of which 15% or 40 billion CFAF will be financed by the Ivorian government, the plan represent the 227 billion gap sought from the technical and financial partners as well as the private sector. Approved in May 11, 2016, the 2016-2020 NMNP, is a government response which aims to "guarantee the entire population optimal nutritional status, to improve its well-being and support a sustainable and inclusive growth and development ".

The aim is to face the challenges of the food and nutrition insecurity for according to the Head of the Government; malnutrition which manifests itself through under and over nourishment is a real problem to which the State intends to give «a greater priority. »

For the Prime Minister, this round table, in direct line with the actions to implement the Government’s commitment as part of the "Scaling Up Nutrition" Movement, in which it has subscribed, with the mobilisation of the necessary 226 billion CFAF gap to complete the financing of the 2016-2020 NMNP, the implementation of efficient nutrition actions, specific and sensitive towards the most vulnerable population with the involvement of many sectors such as health, agriculture, animal and fishery resources, social care, water, hygiene and sanitation.

But beyond the resource mobilization, the State promises a better monitoring and "optimum" absorption of the resources, a mechanism to monitor the commitments and financial flows oriented toward nutrition, in accordance with the monitoring system of the NDP.

« The Government will take all the necessary measures to guarantee an efficient management of the resources available to Côte d’Ivoire» added the head of the Government


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