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Côte d’Ivoire is committed to reducing malnutrition and promote good nutrition practices and preventive actions


On Thursday September 15, the Ivorian Government has committed itself, to “reduce malnutrition in all its forms to the acceptable threshold level, promote multisectoriality with the participation of all involved parties and the convergence of actions as relevant approaches to speed the improvement of the population nutritional status”. These are the terms of the declaration of the Government of Côte d’Ivoire on nutrition, signed by eighteen (18) ministers of the Ivoirian Government during the launch of the « Scaling Up Nutrition-SUN Côte d’Ivoire » Movement, which took place in the Prime Minister’s office under the presidency of the Prime Minister Daniel Kablan Duncan.

According to this declaration read by Mrs. Raymonde Goudou, Minister of Health and Public Hygiene, the state intends to promote good nutrition practices and preventive actions and also reinforce the management of malnutrition.

The Government also plans to improve hygiene and access to drinking water and sanitation in areas with high prevalence of malnutrition.
En plus de renforcer la gouvernance à travers la promotion d’un cadre favorable en vue d’une gestion plus efficace des interventions de nutrition, les autorités s’engagement à mobiliser et allouer les ressources financières, matérielles et humaines en faveur des interventions prioritaires en matière de nutrition aussi bien au niveau central qu’au niveau local.
In addition to the strengthening of governance through the promotion of a friendly environment to a more effective management of the nutrition actions, the authorities are committed to mobilize and allocate the financial, material and human resources to priority interventions in terms of nutrition, both at central and local levels
It was in June 2013 that the Ivorian Government joined the global movement SUN in order to strengthen specific and sensitive interventions for nutrition.


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